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HERIWELL - Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions

IRS, in partnership with the  European Association of Cultural Researchers   (EriCarts), “Associazione Economia della Cultura” (AEC) and ACUME (sub-contractor), has been awarded the ESPON tender “Cultural Heritage as a Source of Societal Well-being in European Regions”.
The project aims to develop a pan-European methodology and territorial analysis on the impacts of cultural heritage on societal wellbeing, including, but not limited to, quality of life, social inclusion, educational benefits and other aspects. It will focus on both material and immaterial cultural heritage, paying particular attention to the digitisation of cultural heritage. In addition, the project will look into how the COVID-19 crisis changed the ways of delivering and accessing cultural resources in response to the pandemic.
The geographical coverage of the project encompasses all 32 European countries participating in the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme.
Follow our webpage for details on the project development.
Contact person: Erica Melloni, 

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