Over the last few years, IRS has consolidated and widened its training proposals, aware of the strategic importance of training as an instrument for the development and growth of organizations.

Our training proposals are closely linked to the new needs of the market, evaluated through an interdisciplinary (legal, sociological, psycho-social, organizational) approach.

IRS's training activities, for public and private clients, are principally aimed at defining and forming professional roles and profiles, developing organizational behaviours which facilitate the achievement of production and quality goals, promoting initiatives or new organizational services and developing planning and evaluation competencies.

Besides training activities based on programs that have been specifically designed for each client, we also offer training in academic settings and through our own seminars and courses.

Together with classroom training, IRS also writes material useful for training. We publish a bi-monthly journal, Prospettive Sociali e Sanitarie. We have published texts with Carocci and we edit a series of titles published by FrancoAngeli.

Areas which mainly carry out Training within IRS: