Training, Labour, Community and Local Development Area

Within the public policies, training and labour policy is particularly suitable for testing theories, methods and techniques because of its intrinsic nature. It is, in fact, not only based on specific types of tools, but it is also a sector which interfaces with other policy areas. Its main characteristic is that it does not privilege traditional methods of organisational and institutional analysis, but gives particular importance to the concept of public policies seen as a set of actions performed by a plurality of private and public sector actors for the purpose of solving a collective problem.
A further and important characteristic of our research tools is that they can be immediately internalised. Easy to learn and easy to use, they can rapidly be used autonomously.

In recent years this group has developed the following fields of activity:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Structural Funds
  • School, Training and University
  • Orientation and Labour Services
  • Gender Equal Opportunity
  • Social Disadvantage and Disability
  • Ex-ante Selection Systems
  • Process Analysis and Policy Planning
  • Training and Professional Demand Analysis
  • Quality Accreditation Systems