EU and International Affairs

IRS has a long-standing experience in the participation to International projects, carrying out comparative research and evaluation activities for European Institutions and other key stakeholders at European level.

The EU and International Affairs Unit coordinates the following activities:

  • Monitoring the evolution of relevant European policies.
  • Monitoring the development of funding opportunities at European level.
  • Direct participation to projects funded by European institutions and by International Organisations.
  • Technical assistance to public and private and not for profit organisations to search for European funding opportunities.
  • Networking with other research institutes all over Europe.
  • Contributing to the European policy debate.

The Unit collaborates with all IRS research areas covering, also under a gender and territorial perspective, the following expertises:

  1. Labour market and productive systems and policies
  2. Administrative and institutional policies
  3. Education/Training and labour policies
  4. Social and health policies and services
  5. Urban and territorial policies

The Unit works with a network of over 200 researchers in  all 28 EU Countries and collaborates with several international networks. Among others Euspar and Enege.