Social and Health Services and Policies

The Social and Health Policies and Services Area works on research, consultancy, training and evaluation for public institutions (European Parliament and European Commission, Ministries, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, and Local Health Units), and for private and third sector organisations, including foundations, cooperatives, NGOs, companies.
In these years, the Unit has developed the following topics:
  • Researches on areas of social need and service supply
  • Welfare policy analysis and evaluation, programming, funding, development and international comparison
  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of policies and services for different targets of population: families, children and young people, elderly, disabled, immigrants
  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of policies fighting poverty and social exclusion
  • Organisation and management of social and health services also in terms of professional staff training and supervision
  • Implementation of social information systems and social observatories
  • Development of the corporate social responsibility and of the social balance in the social/health sector