Management models and complex system compliance

The workgroup collaborating on the special project "Management models and complex system compliance" carries out research and consultation activities in the formulation of organizational and management response with regard to social, health and educational services. Particular attention focuses on:
  • the study and implementation of organizational forms for the management of integrated socio-health services for associated local organizations;
  • activities for compliance, aiming to verify and support the effective scope for implementation and compliance with the national and community regulations in new approaches to management models.
An area of activity closely followed by the workgroup addresses the construction of tools to recover quali-quantitative efficiency and effectiveness in the supply of socio-health services, above all for consortiums, social agencies, unions of municipalities, and so forth. Alongside the research and consultancy activity, training programs are carried out for administrators, managers and professional workers engaged on the organization and management of services, either as part of the consultancy process upon which the workgroup is engaged or as autonomous interventions for organizational development. Having at its disposal a highly diversified range of competences, the group is able to offer clients continuous support both at the stage of defining strategic objectives, and at the stages of selecting the most functional organization model and determining the legal and operational tools (statutes, regulations, organizational structures, control systems, etc). The consolidated experience of IRS in the field of socio-health policies guarantees an approach to the clients' problems able to combine legal-organizational requirements with continuous attention to the specifics involved in developing policies and interventions in the field of socio-health services.