Emanuele Ranci Ortigosa

Emanuele Ranci Ortigosa is Emeritus President and Scientific Director of IRS, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Prospettive Sociali e Sanitarie and the series “Politiche Sociali” published by FrancoAngeli. Since 1971, he has been active in research, consultancy, training in the field of Social and Socio-sanitary Policies; the planning, organisation and evaluation of Social and Health Services; Social Expenditure; Policies Against Poverty; training executives and professional operators.
He taught Social Policy and Planning and Evaluation of Social Policies and Services at the Università degli Studi di Siena from 1982/83 to 1986/87 and currently teaches at the Università di Venezia, where he has been a Professor since 1995/96.

Emanuele Ranci Ortigosa is also Scientific Director of Social and Health Services and Policies