Evaluation activities conducted in the area regard implemented labour policies both in the sphere of complex programs as well as in relation to specific interventions, also with reference to specific beneficiaries.
In particular our evaluation activities regard: 

  • monitoring and evaluation of Labour Policies; 
  • monitoring and evaluation of European Structural Funds; 
  • monitoring and evaluation of Equal Opportunity Policies.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Labour Policies

We are among the primary institutions in Italy specialised in the evaluation of Local, National and European Labour Policies. Our approach integrates impact evaluation and process evaluation, to single out how results and impacts are linked to the implementation process. This allows us to single out the nodes on which to intervene in order to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the policies. Our most recent works have regarded the planning of monitoring systems and the evaluation of Active Labour Policies on National (Labour Ministry), Regional (Regions of Lombardy and Tuscany) and Provincial levels (Provinces of Trento, Varese, Lecco, Firenze, Bolzano), with focus on the specific collocation of the handicapped and employment services.
Monitoring and Evaluation of European Structural Funds

Our team has a decade of experience in evaluating the European Social Fund and Community Initiatives. During the last Programming Phase (1994-1999) we conducted in itinere and final evaluations of FSE Ob. 3 on a National level. We also carried out evaluations of the Euroform Community Initiative, Horizon, Occupation and Adapt. In the current Programming Phase (2000-2006) we are independent evaluators for POR - Regional Operative Programme Ob. 3 of the Valle d'Aosta Region and the Marche Region and for POR Regional Operative Programme Ob. 1 for the Calabria Region. We are also participating in the setting up of the Regional Strategic Guidelines for the 2007-2013 Programming Phase (Valle d'Aosta Region and Calabria Region).
Monitoring and Evaluation of Equal Opportunity Policies

We are specialised in the planning and realisation of monitoring and evaluation systems for Public Policies in terms of gender mainstreaming on the basis of specific batteries of gender indicators. For the latter we have developed monitoring, evaluation and benchmarking models for Equality Policies on the European Level for the European Commission, and ex-ante, in itinere and ex-post evaluations on the impact of gender (potential and effective) of European Structural Funds (FSE, FESR, SFOP, FEOGA) to support Public Administrations.

Recent activities of our team:

  • the evaluation of reconciliation policies and tools like service vouchers with conciliation aims; 
  • the planning and evaluation of Positive Action Policies in Local Public Administrations; 
  • the singling out of good practices in employment services for female users; 
  • gender budgeting for Local Public Administrations.